Historical Background





Carrier Spacing and Deployment Scenarios

Logical Channels

Control Channels

Uplink Physical Channels

Downlink Physical Channels

Packet Data


Soft Handovers

Chapter Summary


The Future

Final Thoughts


Summary and Key points

GPRS saw the realization of the maximum data rate that can be attained using the GSM system. So there was a need for Wideband CDMA (WCDMA), this is an enhanced version of the mobile communication system that is used in the United States. The main use for WCDMA in the UK will be for mobile data communications, this is because the UK already has an effective voice system in the GSM system.

It should be noted that WCDMA has several major drawbacks, the biggest being that with WCDMA used a form of DTX, this DTX causes EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) problems. The DTX is used in both Voice and Data transmission, but the problem only occurs when the MS is in Data transmission mode.

WCDMA is not envisaged to by applied in the UK for the next 3-4 years, this will probably be around the same time that UMTS is made available, however the potential benefits of WCDMA to the user and operator are massive with greater data rates for the user and reduced costs for the operator.

WCDMA is an integral part of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). UMTS is an integration of communications systems, and will hopefully provide a solid base for mobile communications in the future.


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