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Computer Systems & Organisation
* Processor Technology

Introducing the OS

The Process Manager

The Memory Manager

File Management

The Device Manager

*Introducing Connectivity

*Standards and Layered Approaches


Focus: Object Orientated Databases
The object-oriented label is in common use. It is applied to programming. analysis and design methodologies as well as databases. Thus, there is a certain amount of confusion concerning this term. To make matters worse from our point of view, there is no standard object-oriented database model. At the present time, there is no universally accepted, abstract, formally developed object data model which can be used as the basis of a database. Hence. you will find OODBs treated in different ways in different books although there is general agreement on the basic ideas. This chapter will cover the main principles behind the object-oriented idea and give some examples of how an 00 database may be implemented.

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