This Dissertation traces the history of mobile cellular communications and works towards the current technology of GSM voice communications and ends with the future of digital cellular communications.

Initially we look at the early analogue systems based on VHF (PMR), then progress to GSM voice systems which utilise digital encoding as the transmission media and finally to UMTS which intended for high speed data transmission over the air interface. I will also look at the drivers placed upon the service providers and the telecommunications industry to meet the needs of their customers.

In this dissertation I am using the term "Digital Communications" to define transmission or network aspects of the communication system. In all systems to be discussed, both voice and data information can be transmitted.

Throughout this dissertation I shall only be dealing with the European communications systems. The main detail will be primarily the air interface and core network.

The information within this dissertation has been primarily obtained through the kind auspices of Ericsson. Some of the information presented is of a confidential nature, and thus represents the leading edge of technology.